Why I’m Never Clothes Shopping Again :)

“Wow, what a body” my mom said as I stepped out of the changing room at Filenes Basement. I was a Freshman in high school at the time and it was my very first time shopping for clothes at the mall. I’ll never forget the way it made me feel putting on jeans that weren’t wranglers from Ames.  Mind blown. She bought me those jeans and along with them came a big boost of confidence, just in time for school.

Fast forward 20 plus years and when I go shopping now, it’s usually alone.  I swear I get some sort of casino-syndrome with the lack of light at the mall. My eyes start twirling and I become convinced that I look like a neanderthal in everything I try on. I typically leave zombified, empty handed, or with a bag full of sale items that don’t look good on me but THEY WERE SO CHEAP!  It was my sister in law, Jodi, who told me about Trunk Club as I lamented about going shopping. “I need someone to go find clothes for me and pick out my outfits. I suck at this stuff.”  

Jodi explained that Trunk Club is like the Stitch Fix of Nordstrom.  You fill out a survey and a stylist sends you clothes at your request or whatever frequency you choose, based on your size, needs and likes, and predetermined budget. Keep what you want and send back what you don’t like (or drop off at a local Nordstrom). There’s a styling fee of $25 if you don’t buy anything, but that styling fee is waived if you are a Nordstrom Cardholder. Trunk Club also has Clubhouses in various parts of the US where you can actually meet with your stylist face to face, try on clothes and make purchases on the spot.

I met with my stylist Dana in Boston this past Friday.  The Clubhouse is located on the 3rd floor of a building on Boylston street. It’s a beautiful and bright sprawling open concept office space and Dana met me at the door. She first offered me a drink  (anything from water to champagne) from the bar, and then we made our way to some couches where we chatted for a bit. Dana disappeared into a hidden clothing land and 10 minutes later she was back, pulling with her a clothing rack of various pants, sweaters and shirts. Let the fun begin!

There was a changing space right there by the couches and a tall mirror. Piece by piece I took the clothes in and put them on. Dana gave me great feedback and styling tips and I left with 3 amazing tops: a cream sweater, a black and army green plaid button down, and a black long sleeve shirt (a staple I’ll have for a long time). These were tops I NEVER would have tried on, and the pricing was outside of my normal comfort zone. BUT it was money well spent. 

Well ladies and gentleman, I’m d-o-n-e with shopping. For the past few years the whole shopping experience has left me feeling awful. It’s a soul sucking, time-wasting, crazy consumerism process. (I’m talking about shopping for outfits and shoes and what not. Dis Mama still gotta hit the grocery store so we don’t starve, but I will say the Whole Foods Prime delivery IS looking pretty dang sweet…hmmm…)

*(Side note – I Marie Kondo’d the shizz out of my house and clothing earlier this year (nesting?) and I just may have gone a bit overboard. The positive is it puts me in a great place to add a few things to my closet. If you haven’t gone through your wardrobe recently, do that first! Then you can justify purchasing key, timeless, quality clothing…My general rule is I have to get rid of the same number of items I bring in. Buy 3 shirts, donate 3 shirts…)

Key benefits of signing up for trunk club:

Save Time – Your time is worth $$. An unsuccessful shopping trip in my eyes is a lost day. With Trunk Club, you tell your stylist what you’re looking for, she will find it, in your size and budget and send it to you. Or you can meet with her in person at one of the Clubhouses for FREE! And if you are clueless about what to wear, she’ll help you find or elevate your style!

Save Money – Like I said before, your time is worth money. Let someone else do the work, for FREE, and avoid impulse buys that end up sitting in your drawers for months with the tags still on.

Look Great – Your stylist dresses people for a living. She knows what styles work well with different body types, and she knows what’s “in”, the sizing of different brands, what products are higher quality, and even how to style new clothes with clothes you already have. 

Feel Amazing – There’s something to be said about leaving the house feeling put together. I’m not talking about putting in a ton of effort, but just feeling a teeny bit polished. 

Be Prepared – When you want a new outfit an event or conference, client meeting or party you can reach out to your stylist and request a Trunk. You can set up recurring Trunks too (think seasonally).

My Trunk Club Clubhouse experience was a 10. Dana rocked.  I felt totally comfortable with her and I loved everything she picked out for me. I left there feeling like a million bucks. No more mall wandering or dizzying internet searches for me. This will save me tons of time to do other things, like blogging, paddling, hiking, cooking, eating, reading, oh and mama-ing. If you’re interested in working with Dana, click on the link below!

Work with Dana – Sign Up for Trunk Club!


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