Why Every Single Cell In Your Body Needs You To Eat Fat

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OMG, for years I avoided fat. Fat-free toast and spray butter for breakfast, or fat-free cereal and fat-free milk, fat-free rice cakes, fat-free yogurt, fat-free cheese, fat-free crackers, fat-free cookies, fat-free ice-cream, fat-free creamed cheese, everything had to be fat-free, or ‘at least’ low fat. Name a processed food and there was an even more processed, low fat/fat free option. Fat was the enemy. 

But fats DO NOT make us fat. 

These days we’re learning all the positive ways in which our bodies utilize fat. I am eating fat like it’s going out of style, guys. No fat-free for me. Give me the @Kerrygold BUTTER, give me the AVOCADO, give me the chicken thighs, the coconut milk, the olive oil, the NUTS and occasionally give me the whole pint of real friggen ice-cream.  (OK don’t get me wrong here, ice-cream isn’t the ideal source of fat, aiight? Don’t get me started on sugar…) Please note, this is no fad. Fats are a necessary nutrient for our health and even for our ability to reproduce. Fats are a life giving nutrient. Period.

Here’s a short list of reasons why we all should be getting ample fats in our diets:

  1. Cell membranes are made of fat. Every single cell which makes up our tissues, which make up our organs, which make up the systems, which make up the human organism, relies on fats to function properly. Every. Single. Cell.
  2. Fats are required for the absorption of fat soluble vitamins: Vitamin A, D, E and K. Have you ever been told you have low vitamin D levels? It may have nothing to do with your exposure to the sun, but everything to do with your diet. Are you eating enough fats? If the answer is yes, the next question is, are you digesting them appropriately?  Vitamin D is critically important to human health, and it seems low levels of vitamin D is becoming more and more common, are I say, an epidemic? A growing body of research is showing that Vitamin D has an impact on stopping cancer from progressing or metastasizing. A subject very near and dear to my heart. I could seriously go on and on about Vitamin D.
  3. Fats are the building blocks of our hormones. Hormones cannot be created without F-A-T in the diet. Think about the infertility epidemic…
  4. Fats make our foods TASTE good (OBVI).
  5. Fats make us feel satiated.
  6. Fats are a form of slow burning energy. In terms of energy think of sugar as kindling, while fats are like logs. Fats are the steady, slow burning logs. What kind of energy would you like? Even, sustained energy, or an energy that constantly needs to be addressed with more food?

So many foods we’ve once been convinced to fear are actually beneficial to our health. While fats are a component of many more processes within the body, this is a great place to start. I hope you’ll consider adding more fat to your diet, and if it scares you, please reach out. : )

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