The Positive Side Effects

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Nutrition – I don’t even like using this word anymore because it’s so dang serious. And you can just forget about the word “diet” because that just screams restriction, even if it simply refers to the food you eat. When did we start wigging out about what we eat?  When humans stopped eating real whole foods and started eating ‘things.’ 

Things hidden in ingredients, things that become addictive, things that cause major imbalances within the body, and things that can cause serious health issues over time. As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, a big part of the training and practice is understanding the ways in which the things we eat affect our health.  We can thank the chemical revolution for all the tasty things from natural flavors like raspberry (which don’t contain any real raspberries), to fake sugars,  to frozen doodads that are more of a preservative chemical jazz than they are any sort of legit food.

What we eat does affect everything in our realities: energy levels, mood, outlook, happiness, sleep, how we argue, work presentations, focus, how we exercise, how we give of our selves, how good we feel mentally, physically, emotionally; how we treat others, how we reach goals, how we speak! how we plan, how we get things done, how we work, how we rest, our weight, our muscle mass and it is reflected in our overall health. What we eat literally becomes us!

BUT despite the super complex, somewhat poisonous terrain, what we eat doesn’t need to be such a big freakin deal. What if we shifted our focus from a limiting, stressing, and overthinking mindset when it comes to what we “should” eat, to a focus on front-loading our meals with lots of nutrient dense goodness, so we can enjoy some of the indulgent options that are out there too?

What if we let food “be thy medicine” first, while also allowing tasty treats (whatever they may be) to make an appearance every now and then. Because both sides of the coin will bring us joy and are valuable in their own ways: treats give us short term pleasure (which is important), and nutritious eating sets us up for the long haul (which is really important).  It sounds like a lot, but it doesn’t need to be complicated. Give our bodies what they need and they will give us everything we want out of life…#thepositivesideeffects


2 thoughts on “The Positive Side Effects

  1. This is so informative!!! I love this!!!! Congratulations and you look gorgeous in every photo! Your recipes look wonderful too! I can’t wait to try them!

    1. Thank you so much Licia!! It’s been so fun putting this website together, still have a ways to go. Thank you again : ) Hope you all are doing great!

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