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Perfect Soft Boiled Eggs

The whites have GOT to be cooked thoroughly. They cannot be slimy. Those are my rules for eggs. As long as the white is cooked well, we’re good. So soft boiled eggs always sounded gross until I was tricked into having them.

It was the homemade donuts posted on their website that had me driving 20 minutes in unfamiliar territory, in a.m. rush hour traffic, for breakfast at Monuts.  But when I got my hands on a menu I noticed this salad-y dish topped with what they were calling “7 minute eggs,” so I went with that option instead, and then I pat myself on the back: sugar crisis diverted.

I wondered, was  the “7 minute egg” a play on the whole “7 minutes in heaven” deal? I mean, Monuts is a sort of hipster joint, with donut flavors like lavender strawberry, and dishes with names like Lox of Love and Hummus Where the Heart Is, so obviously I wasn’t thinking the obvious: that  7 minute eggs are literally eggs cooked for SEVEN Minutes. In other words, they are soft boiled eggs. DUR Christina. 

Well, let me tell you. These 7 minute eggs were perfection on a plate. When I got home from that trip I must’ve eaten 7 minute eggs for 7 days straight. Now they’ve become a staple for lunch when I’m home. It took me a few tries but I’ve pretty much perfected the process:

Perfect Soft Boiled Eggs
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  1. Eggs
  1. Boil water
  2. Add eggs, gently (always pasture raised eggs, if it says farm raised it means they are eggs, that's it. All eggs come from some sort of "farm" right?)
  3. Boil for exactly 6 minutes and 45 seconds (this timing will give you a softer, slightly runny yolk with a fully cooked white - experiment with the timing to get your eggs to your liking! I'm sure the egg size probably affects the outcome as well, so mess around with it! I use large pastured eggs.)
  4. While the eggs boil, prepare a bowl of ice water
  5. When the eggs are done, transfer them in the ice bath for 30 seconds to a minute (this is just to cool the eggs so you can handle them, and to stop them from cooking).
By the way, the ice bath is the secret to easy to peel eggs. Enjoy!

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