Easy Peasy 6 Layer Mediterranean Dip

Here’s the deal. I can’t stand it when I have to scroll through photos and photos and paragraphs of nonsense to get to the recipe I’m looking for. So I ain’t gonna do that to you. This dip is wicked good.  Make it for yourself, for a get together, for dinner at your in-laws or a holiday party. It’s barely a recipe, just 6 things you put on top of one another to create a damn good, crowd-pleasing dip. Unless of course your crowd can’t appreciate hummus or feta, or veggies or olives…I guess. : )

6 Layer Mediterranean Dip
Super simple mediterranean dip.
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  1. Tomatoes: 2 diced
  2. Cucumber: 1 seeded and diced
  3. Hummus: 1 tub (approx 16 oz)
  4. Greek Yogurt: 1 tub (approx 16 oz)
  5. Feta Cheese (to taste)
  6. Kalamata Olives (to taste)
  1. Layer all of the ingredients in a 9x13 glass dish. I usually start with greek yogurt, then hummus, feta, tomato, cucumber, and top with olives. You can really layer this any way you'd like. Serve with pita chips and veggies.
  1. I typically use full fat Greek Yogurt and Feta. Also, I purposefully didn't put an amount next to the Olives or Feta, as everyone's preference is different. Go with your gut and as much of each of these as you'd like. I used about 2 handfuls of the feta, and a handful of chopped olives. That's the beauty of this dip, you can wing it and it will still taste amazing.

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