The Positive Side Effects

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Nutrition – I don’t even like using this word anymore because it’s so dang serious. And you can just forget about the word “diet” because that just screams restriction, even if it simply refers to the food you eat. When did we start wigging out about what we eat?  When humans stopped eating real whole foods […]

Travel like a boss

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I fly alot. And there are not many things worse than being on a plane and feeling bloated and full because I ate something I shouldn’t have. So as much as I am a proponent for not sweating the small stuff when it comes to eating something less than nutritious ( aka “bad”),I also am […]

Preparation FTW

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I’ve had the idea of preparation on my mind over the past year or so. Preparation is a part of my life in so many ways, from food prep, to working out, to my work life and work travel, to budgeting, to taking care of our dogs, to planning meals for the week. It is […]