Inherited Traits

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I get my gray hair from my biological father.  . I was adopted at birth. And just so I’m clear from the get go, because these sorts of things tend to confuse people, when I say  “my parents” “My Mom” “My Dad” these are the people who adopted me. I refer to my biological parents, […]

NYC April 2018

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Each time I come to New York I’m reminded of my 21 year old self; Starting my first job, which happened to be a dream job at the time, in the heart of Manhattan with only a few days of legal drinking under my belt. I was so green and so wowed by the opportunity. […]

The Positive Side Effects

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Nutrition – I don’t even like using this word anymore because it’s so dang serious. And you can just forget about the word “diet” because that just screams restriction, even if it simply refers to the food you eat. When did we start wigging out about what we eat?  When humans stopped eating real whole foods […]